Für eine Person,
die das hier nie lesen wird.
Ich wünsche mir so sehr, zu lernen,
dass du mir egal bist.
Denn für dich bin ich es bereits.

You won't get me down
any longer
for I don't want you
on my mind
any longer.

So why don't you just
fuck off
and never talk to me
as if I really
was a friend?

'cause you know
I haven't had
any chance.

And I don't want
somebody like you
on my mind or
even in my heart.
I don't want to
worry about you,
to think about you,
to help you.

'cause you don't
need it.
You've got yourself
and that's all
you want.

And maybe
when you're about
to die
maybe then
you start thinking about it
and wondering
if it really was
worth its price?


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