Elsa Brooks - What I Used To Be

i know your image of me
is what i hope to be.
i'm not the girl they thought i'd be.
she died long ago
along with her hopes and dreams,
her aspirations of becoming an actress
her visions of being on stage.
now all that is left is me.
a hollow shell of what used to be.
that girl died due to emotional complications
when she lost both parents
to a terrible accident called divorce.
left to fend for herself,
she took a stab at independence
but found she needed others,
so she tried dependence,
but found she was all alone.
and thats how i came to be.
the lonely girl you see before you,
the one that grew up too fast,
the one that just needs to be loved
may not be the girl you remember.
the girl who used to laugh, and talk, and smile,
is now the girl so empty,
the girl who just cries.

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